Going Green

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Going Green!

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Embassy Go Green. Helping Save the World.Our commitment to helping the planet

At Embassy we are passionate about ensuring we make a positive difference; through our dedication to English language learning, building global communities as well as our environmental impact.

In order to make a true difference globally we began to Go Green, changing the way we do things in our centres and Embassy offices with an environmental focus in mind.

Here are just a few of the things we have introduced:

  • Using screens throughout our schools to share messages as to why we need to Go Green and what we can do to Go Green on our campuses
  • Putting recycling bins in our schools and providing information for students on how to recycle
  • Using water fountains and reducing the need for plastic water bottles
  • Reducing the amount of paper we use by recycling course books after students have finished their course, replacing photocopies with digital copies presented through our IWBs and utilising the online portal, My Embassy English, to communicate with students
  • Running environment focused activities on each campus such as a beach cleans and presentation evenings
  • Running an environmentally friendly movie club to raise awareness and understanding of the crucial need to reduce waste and recycle
  • Encouraging students and teachers to come up with suggestions on how our schools can be more environmentally responsible
  • Incorporating environmental discussions into our English language lesson plans
  • We know that every little helps and we are committed to supporting environmentally friendly practices to ensure that we are helping the planet

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