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Handbook and Policies Details

Australian Flag Policies and guidelines for our Australian schools

We are required by law to display certain policies and guidelines which apply in all our Australian schools. These can be downloaded below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Embassy in Australia Attendance Policy (PDF)
  2. Embassy in Australia Course Progress Policy (PDF)
  3. Embassy in Australia Student Transfer Policy (PDF)
  4. Embassy in Australia Refund and Cancellation Policy (PDF)
  5. Embassy in Australia Complaints and Appeals Procedure (PDF)
  6. Embassy in Australia Student Orientation Policy (PDF)
  7. Embassy in Australia Support and Welfare Services Policy (PDF)
  8. Embassy in Australia Completion Within Expected Duration (PDF)
  9. Embassy in Australia Appeals Flow Chart (PDF)

British Flag Policies and guidelines for our schools in the UK

  1. Embassy Brighton Complaints Procedure (PDF)
  2. Embassy Cambridge Complaints Procedure (PDF)
  3. Embassy Hastings Complaints Procedure (PDF)
  4. Embassy London Greenwich Complaints Procedure (PDF)
  5. Embassy Oxford Complaints Procedure (PDF)

Welfare and Safeguarding Policies

  1. Embassy Brighton - Welfare and Safeguarding Policies (PDF)
  2. Embassy Cambridge - Welfare and Safeguarding Policies (PDF)
  3. Embassy Hastings - Welfare and Safeguarding Policy (PDF)
  4. Embassy London Greenwich - Welfare and Safeguarding Policy (PDF)
  5. Embassy Oxford - Welfare and Safeguarding Policy (PDF)

Prevent Policies

  1. Embassy Brighton - Prevent Policy (PDF)
  2. Embassy Cambridge - Prevent Policy (PDF)
  3. Embassy Hastings - Prevent Policy (PDF)
  4. Embassy London Greenwich - Prevent Policy (PDF)
  5. Embassy Oxford - Prevent Policy (PDF)

Welfare Policies and Procedures

  1. Embassy Brighton - Welfare Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  2. Embassy Cambridge - Welfare Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  3. Embassy Hastings - Welfare Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  4. Embassy London Greenwich - Welfare Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  5. Embassy Oxford - Welfare Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Students Under 18 - Special documents

Embassy Summer and Embassy Study Tours

Embassy's Admissions, Discipline and Exclusions Policies are contained in our Terms and conditions.