Embassy English Language Courses in Toronto

English Courses in Toronto

3 Reasons to LOVE Toronto:
1. Trendy downtown location
2. Excellent for communication skills training
3. Friendly and metropolitan city experience

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Welcome to Embassy Toronto

Friendly and cosmopolitan are two words that describe the city of Toronto. When you study at Embassy Toronto, you will experience one of the world’s “most livable cities,” with parks, cultural activities, the CN Tower, and Lake Ontario.

Beginner English
General English - Standard and Intensive Programmes

Communication Skills
Business English
IELTS Exam Preparation

80 Bloor Street West, Suite 900
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2V1
Phone: +1 416 413 0522

The school is located directly above Bay Subway Station. It is at the corner of Bay and Bloor Street West.

For those studying English in Toronto, we offer a popular downtown residence that is easily accessible by public transport.
- CCNM residence 

Live as part of an English-speaking household while you study English in Toronto. Depending on the type of accommodation you book, you’ll have your own bedroom, or share a room with another international student. You will eat breakfast and dinner if you have a half board booking. It's a great chance for international students to meet local residents and share their way of life. Living with English-speakers also means that you will never stop learning and improving your fluency.

Nearest supermarket: 3-minute walk
Nearest bank: across the road
Nearest park: across the road
Nearest shopping centre: in the same street
Nearest newsagent: below the school
Nearest church: 10-minute walk
Nearest mosque: 10-minute by subway
Nearest coffee shop: in the same building
Nearest café: across the street
Nearest subway: below the school
Nearest post office: 3-minute' walk

Subways, buses and streetcars make getting around the city easy. Cycling or walking are healthy alternatives. From the airport take the 192 Airport Rocket express bus, the Toronto Airport express or a taxi

We currently advise international students taking English courses in Toronto to budget approximately CA $150 - 200 per week. This will cover all basic transport, food and entertainment costs.

Price in CA$
Cup of Coffee (e.g. Starbucks)
1.10 - 2.10
Can of Coca-Cola
Big Mac Hamburger
Takeaway, e.g. from a noodle bar 8.00 - 15.00
3 course meal in mid-range restaurant
25.00 - 35.00
Cinema ticket
13.00, or 5.00 on "cheap Tuesdays"
Nightclub entrance
10.00 - 25.00
Public transport Day pass 10.75 and monthly pass available from the school at a discounted price of 115.50
Taxi Minimum 4.25, then 1.75 per km
"From the first day to after our students have graduated, we are focused on the outcomes and the goals of each individual."

Skilled and friendly English language school staff

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