English Courses in Cal Poly USA

3 Reasons to LOVE Cal Poly:
1. Picturesque on-campus California location
2. Pathway to 6 graduate programmes
3. Become part of a university community

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Embassy’s on-campus study centre at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is located in the central coast town of San Luis Obispo, CA, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This location is perfect for those students wanting to learn English in a true American university setting while immersing themselves within the Cal Poly student community.

  • Language Semester Abroad
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • 8 January, 2 April, 25 June, 24 September
  • Each term is 11 weeks
  • Offering a Pathway into Select Graduate Programs!

    Embassy’s Pre-Master’s programme offers a pathway into select graduate majors for students who meet all academic requirements with the exception of English language. This programme allows students to begin taking Cal Poly graduate courses while completing academic English courses.


    • MBA
    • MS in Industrial Engineering 
    • MS in Engineering with specialization in Integrated Technology Management
    • MS in Fire Protection Engineering
    • MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Master of Public Policy


    • Gain conditional eligibility into your graduate program of choice
    • No TOEFL/IELTS or GRE/GMAT needed for acceptance into the Pre-Master’s programme
    • Students are eligible to begin upon reaching Embassy’s upper-intermediate level
    • Take English-only courses if needed to reach the level required for the Pre-Master’s programme

    1 Grande Avenue, Science Building 52
    San Luis Obispo, California, 93405
    Phone: +1 415 690 9428

    Live as part of an English-speaking household while studying at Embassy English Cal Poly. Depending on the type of accommodation you book, you’ll have your own bedroom, or share a room with another Embassy English Cal Poly student. You will eat breakfast and, with a half board booking, also evening meals with your hosts. Homestay are a great chance to meet local people and experience this amazing California city. Living with English-speakers also means that you will never stop learning and improving your fluency.

    Nearest bus stop: 5-minute walk
    Nearest public transport hub: 5-minute walk
    Nearest park: 20-minute walk to Leaning Pine Arboretum
    Nearest coffee shop: On campus 2-minute walk
    Nearest post office:  On campus 2-minute walk
    Nearest bank: ATM machines located on campus and a 2-minute walk to Bank of America
    Nearest church: 25-minute bus ride
    Nearest mosque: 20-minute bus ride, or 32-minute walk
    Nearest place to buy a newspaper: On campus at the bookstore, two-minute walk
    Nearest restaurant: Several options located on campus two-minute walk, off campus 12-minute walk to Canyon Circle
    Nearest supermarket: 12-minute walk to Canyon Circle

    San Luis Obispo, or SLO, has a regional transit authority that operates buses that connect with SLO Transit downtown, and run throughout the area.

    We currently advise students taking an English course in Sydney to budget approximately $300 per week. This will cover all basic transport, food and entertainment costs.

    Price in USD$
    Cup of Coffee (e.g. Starbucks)
    1.10 - 2.10
    Can of Coca-Cola
    Big Mac Hamburger
    Takeaway, e.g. from a noodle bar 8.00 - 15.00
    3 course meal in mid-range restaurant
    25.00 - 35.00
    Cinema ticket
    13.00 , 5.00 on "cheap Tuesdays"
    Nightclub entrance
    10.00 - 25.00
    Local trains  10.75 for a day pass discounted monthly pass available for 115.50
    Taxi Minimum fare 4.20, then 1.75 per km (more at night)

    From the Blog:

    We are excited to announce the partnership of Embassy English with Cal Poly. Located in San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaCal Poly has an outside-the-classroom learning approach where theoretical knowledge comes together with practical knowledge and creates a ‘Learn by Doing’ environment. This perfectly matches Embassy English’s ‘Bringing English to Life’ philosophy where interactive activities and lessons outside of the traditional classroom setting inspire memorable student achievements.

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