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Expand your English skills in a
professional environment.

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English in Action

Offered in the USA, there is no better way to prepare for life in the business world than by spending time in a real-world office environment. With English In Action you will use your English skills through interacting with native speakers in an authentic business environment. Placements are in a wide range of sectors including
marketing, law, not-for-profit and hospitality.


  • B2 Upper Intermediate in both speaking and writing required at time of placement
  • Complete any English course for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to a placement
  • Purchase Embassy Study Care insurance for the duration of the placement


  • Create an impressive English language CV
  • Gain useful interview coaching and experience
  • Communicate more effectively in professional environments
  • Obtain a unique business experience that will help you succeed in the global corporate world

Programme Includes:

  • Interview and CV preparation
  • Formal interview experience with a US company
  • Weekly reporting sessions on your programme experience
  • End of Programme Certificate

Reasons to choose this course

  • Spend 4 or 8 weeks in an American company either during or after your English course, depending on your visa
  • Interact with native speakers in a professional environment
  • Add to your CV to boost your global career opportunities
  • Receive CV writing and interview technique coaching

Course details and options


Residence Inns are a popular hotel chain popular chain hotel across the United States operated by Marriott, one of the world’s most well-known hotel brands. Our students are trained in all departments beginning with the front desk, human resources, sales, etc. After training, they can answer guest questions in person and over the phone.

“I would recommend this experience to everyone, so Embassy should keep proposing the Residence Inn as a place for English in Action. The staff are really friendly and they consider you a real part of the hotel. I was really scared of answering the phone, but they trained me and now I can do it easily!” ALICE, ITALY


This downtown San Francisco dealership specialises in sales, parts, and body work of BMW cars. Our students are placed in the parts, IT, or human resources department where they are able to practise their English in a variety of topics. Students utilize their English by helping in customer service, computers, and assisting in other day-to-day tasks.

“I had a lot of chances to talk with native speakers. The experience at BMW helped improve my English skill and knowledge about cars and IT.”

  • General English
  • Business English