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Younger learners

Study holidays - Ideal for children and teenagers

  • A variety of schools available - for children (8-12) and teenagers (13+)
  • Available June, July and August every year
  • All inclusive English course packages (lessons, accommodation, activities, trips and meals)

Our year-round Embassy English Study Centres accept students from age 16 years only. However, students under 16 can also join our two study holiday options: Embassy Summer and Embassy Academy

Embassy Summer: English language study holiday

embassy summmerChoose Embassy Summer for English lessons, trips and activities in a variety of locations around the world. There's a choice of 32 summer schools in England, the USA and Canada.

Explore them now at

Embassy Academy: English + Arts/Sports/Study courses (10-17)

Choose Embassy Academy for an exclusive summer program of English lessons along with a range of professionally taught activities in a range of sports, arts and academic subjects. You will enjoy the facilities of the best historic boarding schools in England.

Learn more at

Embassy Summer and Embassy Academy courses can be booked via their respective websites (shown above). Please make an enquiry and one of our Enrolment Advisors will be happy to process your application.