IELTS exam preparation course

In as little as 4 weeks we will give you the skills and strategies to walk into the exam room with confidence and walk out with a great result.

Quickly improve the skills you’ll be tested on with our intensive exam preparation courses.

Why choose an IELTS exam course?

  • Improve the language skills needed to pass your IELTS exam
  • Learn effective exam strategies
  • Gain exam confidence with regular tests and mock exams
  • Learn the English needed for university or for working internationally
  • Become familiar with the UK/Australian accents in the test

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When/where are tests held?
Take your test at the nearest test centre to your school. Normally held on a Saturday after your course.

Do I need to book my IELTS test in advance?
If you're planning to take a test in July, August or September or are taking an English course for less than 7 weeks, we strongly recommend you book in advance via the IELTS/British Council website.  Outside of these months and for longer courses we'll help you enrol after you arrive.

Do I need to take an entry test before I apply?
After you send us your application we will ask you to take a short test to make sure your level is right for this course.

How much does the IELTS test cost?
You can book in advance via the IELTS/British Council website. Prices may differ between test centres. In the UK, Embassy English can book the test for you for a fee of GBP £150*.

 (Price correct as of January 2015).

Course structure

20 Exam preparation lessons


20 Exam preparation lessons +
8 Elective lessons (Choose 1 or 2 electives per week.  Improve grammar, vocabulary, conversation skills, academic study or business communication skills.)


8 Exam preparation lessons +
20 General English Lessons


Mornings and/or afternoons*, Monday-Friday
Standard: 16 hours 40 minutes a week, Intensive and Elective: 23 hours  20 minutes a week
*Receive your actual timetable on arrival

Lesson length

50 minutes

Entry level

(B1) Intermediate
See Your level of English

Course duration

4 week minimum (Standard and Intensive), 1-52 weeks (Elective)


In addition to your official exam result you will receive an Embassy Certificate, documenting your language level.

Assessment and progress

Course assessment: weekly review, practice tests, mock exam. Stay focussed with learning goals and objectives, personal learning plans, progress trackers, tutorials, and reports.  Find out what it's like inside the classroom.

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Key facts

  • Class duration: 4 week minimum (Standard and Intensive), 1-52 weeks (Elective)
  • Class size: maximum 15
  • Lesson duration: 50 minutes
  • Lessons per week: 28
  • Learning materials: Included
  • Start: Every Monday
  • Minimum age: 16