English for Academic Purposes English course

Would you like to study at an English-speaking university or college, but don't think your English is good enough? Improve your language and study skills before you go.

Why choose English for Academic Purposes?

  • Learn the English you need for academic study 
  • Gain invaluable study-skills: note-taking, research/presentation skills, academic writing, debating, analysis and critiquing skills.
  • IELTS or TOEFL skills preparation training
  • University pathway counselling for university or college

Successfully complete this course as part of the Embassy Pathways programme and you'll gain entry to 32+ university partners and colleges in Australia without the need to sit a TOEFL or IELTS exam*.


Will this course help with all degree course subjects?
Yes, whether you want to study humanities, science, maths, arts or business, this will give you the language and study skills to do well.

Are text books and materials provided?
Yes, we provide all learning materials.

Embassy Pathways: where can I study on completion of this course?
See our list of university, college and further education partners

Subject to academic entrance requirements of our partner universities and colleges.

Course structure

28 lessons/week


Morning and/or afternoon classes according to the school timetable* Monday to Friday
23 hours  20 minutes a week
*Receive your actual timetable on arrival

Lesson Length

50 minutes

Course duration

Up to 4 stages of 10 weeks/stage

Entry level


 CEFR level  IELTS

Course length

stage 1

 B1+  4.5

10 weeks

stage 2

 B2  5.0

10 weeks

stage 3

 B2+  5.5

10 weeks

stage 4

 C1  6.0

10 weeks

Start dates  

25 January

18 July

29 February

 22 August

4 April

26 September

9 May

 31 October

13 June

 5 December


Receive a Certificate of Achievement, awarded by the Academic Board.

Assessment and progress

This course is assessed by course assignments (two essays, oral presentation, and research report) and a mid-term and end of term exam. Stay focussed with: learning goals & objectives, personal learning plans, progress tutorials and reports.  Find out what it's like inside the classroom.

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Learning goals and outcomes - Stage 1 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of language structure and vocabulary for an academic environment
  • Display reading and listening comprehension, note-taking and summarising skills
  • Meet basic research, academic writing, and oral presentation skills requirements
  • Show ability to work in groups, evaluate your own progress and demonstrate a basic competence in study skills
Lessons per week
  • grammar (6)
  • vocabulary (4)
  • listening and speaking (8)
  • reading and writing (6)
  • study skills (4)
 Learning goals and outcomes - Stage 2 

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of language structure in academic writing and an oral presentation
  • Display ability to critically evaluate texts, and recognise a variety of text types
  • Develop ability to formulate, present and argue a point of view both in writing and in discussion
  • Show effective research and study skills
Lessons per week

  • grammar (5)
  • vocabulary (5)
  • listening and speaking (6)
  • reading and writing (8)
  • study skills (4)
Learning goals and outcomes - Stage 3

  • Demonstrate an ability to comprehend and engage critically with ideas and texts
  • Display the skills to participate and contribute effectively in a high level academic environment
  • Show independent skills in research, analysis, synthesis, academic writing and oral presentation
Lessons per week

  • grammar (4)
  • vocabulary (6)
  • listening and speaking (6)
  • reading and writing (8)
  • study skills (4)

 Learning goals and outcomes - Stage 4

  • Develop competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening with a particular emphasis on writing and reading in an academic context
  • Develop and extend research skills; refine independent study skills
  • Refine and apply learnt vocabulary, punctuation and grammar in written work and spoken language
  • Use study, organisational and presentation skills for effective participation in an Australian academic setting
  • Acquire knowledge of Australian and global issues as well as discipline specific issues
  • Use English in situations ranging from formal to informal, and recognise and produce a variety of genres and tone of voice
Lessons per week

  • grammar (2)
  • vocabulary (6)
  • listening and speaking (4)
  • reading and writing (8)
  • study skills (8)

Each of the four stages comprises five modules: speaking, listening, reading, writing and study skills; each with specific outcomes that you need to master before moving on to the next stage

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Key facts

  • Course duration: Each stage is 10 weeks long and you can take up to 4 different stages
  • Class size: 18
  • Lesson duration: 50 minutes
  • Lessons per week: 28
  • Learning materials: Included
  • Start: See About the Course> Start dates
  • Minimum age: 18