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English for Academic Purposes

Would you like to study at an English-speaking university or college, but don't think your English is good enough? Improve your language and study skills before you go.

Why choose English for Academic Purposes?

  • Learn the English you need for academic study 
  • Gain invaluable study-skills: note-taking, research/presentation skills, academic writing, debating, analysis and critiquing skills.
  • IELTS or TOEFL skills preparation training

Successfully complete this course as part of the Embassy Pathways programme and you'll gain entry to 60+ university partners and colleges in the USA, Canada and Australia without the need to sit a TOEFL or IELTS exam*.


Will this course help with all degree course subjects?
Yes, whether you want to study humanities, science, maths, arts or business, this will give you the language and study skills to do well.

Are text books and materials provided?
Yes, we provide all learning materials.

Embassy Pathways: where can I study on completion of this course?
See our list of university, college and further education partners

Subject to academic entrance requirements of our partner universities and colleges.

Course structure

28 General English lessons


Mornings and afternoons* Monday to Friday
23 hours  20 minutes a week
*Receive your actual timetable on arrival

Lesson Length

50 minutes

Course duration

USA, Canada and UK: up to 4 terms of 11 weeks
Australia: up to 4 terms of 10 weeks

Entry level

(B1) Intermediate

Course dates

Australia Canada, UK, USA

Jan 6 – Mar 14

Jun 30 – Sep 5

Jan 6 – Mar 21

Feb 10 – Apr 18

Aug 4 – Oct 10

Mar 31 – Jun 13

Mar 17 – May 23

Sep 8 – Nov 14

Jun 30 – Sep 12

Apr 21 – Jun 27

Oct 13 – Dec 19

Sep 22 – Dec 5

May 26 – Aug 1

Nov 17 – Jan 30 2015


Breaks between terms are 2 - 4 weeks


Receive a Certificate of Achievement, awarded by the Academic Board.

Assessment and progress

This course is assessed by course assignments (two essays, oral presentation, and research report) and a mid-term and end of term exam. Stay focussed with: learning goals & objectives, personal learning plans, progress tutorials and reports.  Find out what it's like inside the classroom.

America’s Academic Capital
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Ontario, Canada - an exciting city that’s friendly, safe and surprisingly green
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Entry level & course length B1+
TOEFL 32-34
TOEFL 35-45
TOEFL 46-59
TOEFL 60-78
B1+ x 2 terms Stage 1
Stage 2
B1+ x 3 terms Stage 1 Stage 2
Stage 3

B2 x 2 terms   Stage 2
Stage 3

B2 x 3 terms   Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
B2+ x 2 terms
    Stage 3
Stage 4

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Course Type
Start date
Number of weeks Number of terms
Course price (including booking fee)
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Key facts

  • Course duration: Each term is 11 weeks long in the UK, the USA and Canada and 10 weeks long in Australia
  • Class size 16 (18 Australia)
  • Lesson duration: 50 minutes
  • Lessons per week: 28
  • Learning materials: Included
  • Start: See About the Course> Course dates